Toronto at Night Photo

Toronto at Night

When the weather keeps to the high 20s on a September night, I grab my camera. It’s kind of a rule. Here’s a new batch of night shots just around my condo in downtown Toronto.

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The Week-Long Bachelor Party

I’m a bloody lucky cat. Not because I have tested somewhere around 7 of my lives, but because of my buds. We just returned from a week-long, couldn’t-possibly-do-more adventure in a lakeside chalet north of Mont Tremblant to celebrate my forthcoming exchanging of the vows. Yes, week-long party. There was a Modest Mouse concert to kick it off. White water rafting. Volleyball. Ample beer…

Kate's hair 1

Kate’s Pre-Wedding Hairdo

One beautiful lady with one beautiful hairdo.

Zombie Boy 4

Shooting Zombie Boy—Not in the Flesh

I was in Montreal last weekend. Just a little getaway. I always have a good time in Montreal, and this time was no exception. The city was alive. And on the Saturday, there was a massive downtown street sale in which traffic was cordoned off and shoppers roamed the streets en masse. It was hectic. As I got to a particularly crowded spot, I spotted Zombie Boy. If you haven’t…

Photo by Ryan Bolton. All rights reserved.

Special Wedding Moments Captured

I’m truly loving wedding photography. To bring moments to life is an unmatched pleasure. Here are a couple more snaps from Beth + Eric’s big day.


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