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The Great Sex Divide

by RYAN BOLTON I have had sex. It was responsible, appropriate and forthcoming. And it was a beautiful experience that I hope everyone can (if they wish, of course) enjoy. And society, dear convoluted society, please stop blurring the splendor of sex. Okay, so dear reader, like the rest of us, you are asking, “Can he write this? Is this outright sex talk allowed?”…

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What’s up, metrosexual?

by RYAN BOLTON Remember that night when you were out on the town, feeling confident in your crisp, avant-garde outfit, lapping up the good times with John, Beth and Walid? You were fielding looks from the left, right and behind. It was then, out of the corner of your contact lens, that you spotted a man that wore what Beth was wearing – but…

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Is Paris Hilton hot?

by RYAN BOLTON Why the hell is Paris Hilton “hot”? Seriously, look at her from the side and squint your eyes. Do you see it? Yeah, she looks like an alien. But according to your little brother, a “hot” alien. We no longer take those judging seconds to determine if the newest celebrity is beautiful anymore, because we are simply told they are picturesque….

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Swimming through the cultural cynicism

by RYAN BOLTON, originally published in TRAVIS magazine It’s getting pretty thick, isn’t? Tougher and tougher to wad through our culture’s waning artistic relevance. We are getting weighed down with culturally vapid artists, singers and hipsters alike. We have all been waiting together with fingers crossed. “Come on,” we say in unison, “bring us the next Picasso.” Or we quietly whisper to ourselves that…

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Magazine’s aren’t dead

A think piece from the upcoming print issue of Spotlight Magazine. There’s a reason why you’re reading this. Why it’s resting in your hands, in print. Magazines aren’t dead. And it’s time we admit and take joy in this fact. Repeat after me: Magazine’s aren’t dead. Let that sink in. Almost two years ago I wrote an article for Adbusters titled, “The Death of…

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My last editor’s rant

(The following is taken from the upcoming October issue of TRAVIS. In short, I’m stepping down from the publication to make way for better talent. This is my non-goodbye): I’m leaving. Not to be alarmist, I’m just moving on from TRAVIS. And I’m looking down the barrel of endless emotions. Sad, excited, wistful, separation anxiety. But I just received an e-mail that puts it…

Editor’s Letter: Car Accident

I was just in a car accident.

The grey sky overhead was unleashing a soothing drizzle on my car’s windshield. I was in stop-and-go traffic on the ever-so-congested Gardiner Expressway coming from work. You know, move three feet, stop, yawn, move two feet. I was battling my wily eyelids when I awoke to the crunching sound of my car’s front end. Jay-sus.

But it was OK; I still made it to my destination on time. The destination being this issue’s editorial meeting.


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