Mars Trip

Let’s Go to Mars! (But Seriously)

The phrase “men are from Mars” might not be so far fetched any longer. Indeed, both men and women might be using a Mars area code by 2023. That is if you’re willing to book a one-way ticket, of course. Some 56.4 million kilometres. That’s the brief distance from Earth to Mars. With current day technology, it would take roughly seven months on a…

Bearded Man

An Ode to Wool Socks

I recently became a man. It was a couple months ago, when it was colder than frozen balloon knots. It wasn’t when I grew a full beard. It wasn’t when Hank, my mercurial yet lovely Welsh Terrier turned two. Or even when I asked Kathryn to marry me. It was when I discovered wool socks. Handknit wool socks turned me into the man I…

5 Ways to Redefine Holiday Gift Giving

We all have a kind Aunt Patricia. We all have a curmudgeon boss we want to impress. Maybe an in-law that only likes golf—and scotch. Lots of scotch. And we all loathe that time of year when we have to find them the perfect Christmas gift. Year after year, we give Aunt Patricia a Virginia Woolf book. We give the boss a lame coffee mug…

Mayor Rob Ford during the executive committe meeting at City Hall

Why Rob Ford Needs To Step Down

by RYAN BOLTON I tried to hold off on writing about Rob Ford during this ongoing clusterfuck. Truthfully, I did. But enough is enough. The crack-puffing-often-in-a-drunken-stupor-mayor situation started off completely batshit, which led to embarrassing and has entered its final stages of being downright sad and abject. To add to the chorus, Rob Ford needs to step down. For ample reasons. The chief among…

Inside Crows Nest Barbershop 9

Inside the Crows Nest

Crows Nest isn’t just a throwback barbershop. Crows Nest isn’t just an aesthetic steeped in tattoos, motorcycles, quality fades and memories of days long past. To the uninitiated, sure, Crows Nest Barbershop is all of those things. But more specifically, Crows Nest is also Toronto’s best barbershop according to blogTO readers, which, let’s not kid ourselves, means it is the best. And with a…


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