The Women of Summer 2014

by RYAN BOLTON Ah, good ol’ summer movies. Doesn’t get much better than a solid summer action movie, does it? Wrong. Add in a solid dollop of red-hot actresses and then you have a top notch, take-my-$13-and-give-me-a-seat-as-close-to-the-screen-as-possible summer flick. And this summer’s offering is no exception. The major studios are pumping out films for every movie fan. You’ve got some action (Scarlett Johansson tearing…

Typewriter Keyboard

Never Stop Punching those Keys

From the moment I first understood what a writer was, I wanted to be one. It just made sense. Stories had their way of gripping my young mind in ways hitherto. And I went to lengths to be one. When I was younger, I still remember my parent’s first computer. The tapping of the keyboard keys struck a cord. I still get that feeling…

Andrew Reynolds Street Skating

Skateboarding is Creativity

Skateboarding isn’t a crime. It’s a creative outlet. Creativity, like passion, is one of those things that you can’t teach. You can teach formulas for copywriting. You can teach proper brushstrokes in art class. You can teach someone how to kickflip. But the true essence—the creativity—behind these teachable skills isn’t taught. It’s either there or it isn’t. And skateboarding opened my eyes to creativity,…

Mars Trip

Let’s Go to Mars! (But Seriously)

The phrase “men are from Mars” might not be so far fetched any longer. Indeed, both men and women might be using a Mars area code by 2023. That is if you’re willing to book a one-way ticket, of course. Some 56.4 million kilometres. That’s the brief distance from Earth to Mars. With current day technology, it would take roughly seven months on a…

Bearded Man

An Ode to Wool Socks

I recently became a man. It was a couple months ago, when it was colder than frozen balloon knots. It wasn’t when I grew a full beard. It wasn’t when Hank, my mercurial yet lovely Welsh Terrier turned two. Or even when I asked Kathryn to marry me. It was when I discovered wool socks. Handknit wool socks turned me into the man I…


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