Never Stop Punching those Keys

Typewriter Keyboard

From the moment I first understood what a writer was, I wanted to be one.

It just made sense. Stories had their way of gripping my young mind in ways hitherto.

And I went to lengths to be one.

When I was younger, I still remember my parent’s first computer. The tapping of the keyboard keys struck a cord. I still get that feeling now, giddy. But once I learned how to type, I would—I’m not kidding—write out children’s books. Word for word. Just because I enjoyed it. I eventually started to type out books with a little more girth. Oftentimes, when my eyes crossed or I tired, I would have my babysitter continue to type out my carefully selected books. (They weren’t Hemingway or F. Scott Fitzgerald or anything grandiose, sadly). I’m not sure why she acquiesced. Probably because I was finally quiet.

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Kate + Hank

Katie and Hank 1

My two favourites. In High Park.

Creeping on Kate

Creeping on Kate

Hank in High Park

Hank in High Park

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Fuck Yeah, It’s Spring


Spring is here. I’m calling it. Hell, the Cherry Blossoms are calling it.

We went for a walk around Toronto yesterday to check out how spring is taking over. Here are a few snaps from what we saw.


Spring in bloom. Photo by Ryan Bolton.


Spring in bloom. Photo by Ryan Bolton.


Spring in bloom. Photo by Ryan Bolton.


Katie + Hank + Cherry Blossoms. Photo by Ryan Bolton.


Sun kissed. Photo by Ryan Bolton.

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Skateboarding is Creativity

Andrew Reynolds Street Skating

Skateboarding isn’t a crime. It’s a creative outlet.

Creativity, like passion, is one of those things that you can’t teach. You can teach formulas for copywriting. You can teach proper brushstrokes in art class. You can teach someone how to kickflip. But the true essence—the creativity—behind these teachable skills isn’t taught.

It’s either there or it isn’t. And skateboarding opened my eyes to creativity, passion, determination and a myriad of other skills growing up.

I’m from a small town with a population of 7,000. Homogeneity is the right word. Bucolic, safe and uninspired are all suitable words as well. And as a teenager, I needed a creative outlet. That came in the form of skateboarding.

That wood board and four wheels opened up a new world. It taught me a new way of looking at the landscape: a grass gap at the local McDonald’s, the stair-set at the local newspaper office, a curb behind the grocery store were now a blank canvas. The town became a giant skatepark. And the possibilities for tricks were inexhaustive. The creative opportunities were boundless.

That feeling of accomplishing something you made up in your head is inexplicable. It’s euphoric.

My friends and I had an outlet that was beneficial not only for our general health, but for our creative health as well. Skateboarding is a mode for self-expression. If you’ve ever met a skateboarder without discipline, you haven’t met a real skateboarder. The number of times a skateboarder will fling themselves down a handrail to land that one trick is always worth it. That feeling of accomplishing something you made up in your head is inexplicable. It’s euphoric. It’s a natural high.

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A Trip to Wine Country

Yes, Niagara Falls is Beautiful.

A long weekend spent in Wine Country is ideal. Especially a long weekend in which the weather is turning from ice hell to a jubilation-inducing warmth. All of this is only heightened whilst in the centre of rows upon rows of grape fields. Here are a few shots from the wineries around Niagara-on-the-Lake and Niagara Falls itself.

Boarding at Blue

Snowboarding at Blue Mountain 7

The snowboarding season is almost over as spring rears its refreshing head. In light of this, here are a few snaps of a recent trip to Blue Mountain with my best buds for a solid session on the slopes. We filmed the whole day with a Go Pro, but here are a few snaps I took on the side. Here’s to spring, and those beauty days on the hills.


Getting ready. Photo by Ryan Bolton


The view from up top.

Snowboarding at Blue Mountain 3

Picking the best line. Photo by Ryan Bolton.

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Let’s Go to Mars! (But Seriously)

Mars Trip

The phrase “men are from Mars” might not be so far fetched any longer. Indeed, both men and women might be using a Mars area code by 2023.

That is if you’re willing to book a one-way ticket, of course.

Some 56.4 million kilometres. That’s the brief distance from Earth to Mars. With current day technology, it would take roughly seven months on a spaceship—or a ‘89 Porsche 911 Turbo—to get to the Red Planet. To date, no human has ever been to Mars, well, otherwise than Bill O’Reilly for ancestry research. We have, however, landed two unmanned spacecrafts on its surface—the Mars Rover Opportunity and the science laboratory and secondary rover, aptly titled, Curiosity.

That is all about to change if Mars One has anything to do about it.

Mars One is a Dutch not-for-profit with the goal to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Fair enough. Formally launched in 2012, co-founder Bas Lansdorp, a Dutch entrepreneur and mechanical engineer, has quite the plan set in place that includes reality television as one of the chief revenue drivers for the Mars mission. “Human exploration of Mars will be the most exciting adventure mankind has embarked upon in decades,” says Lansdorp in a press release. “It will inspire a new generation of engineers, inventors, artists and scientists. It will create a new generation of heroes—the first explorers to go to Mars will step straight into the history books.”

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