Vault Sessions: The Darcys

Jason Crouse // The Darcys 6

I had the pleasure of shooting Toronto’s The Darcys a couple weeks back. They were doing an intimate plugged-in session for JUNO TV’s Vault Sessions. The sound was terrific, especially on the track “The River.” Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots of Jason Couse, the band’s lead singer in the “vault.”

Jason Crouse // The Darcys 10

Photo by Ryan Bolton

Jason Crouse // The Darcys 1

Tuning and prep. (Photo by Ryan Bolton)

Jason Crouse // The Darcys 9

Photo by Ryan Bolton

Jason Crouse // The Darcys 7

Photo by Ryan Bolton

Jason Crouse // The Darcys 8

Photo by Ryan Bolton

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An Ode to Wool Socks

Bearded Man

I recently became a man. It was a couple months ago, when it was colder than frozen balloon knots.

It wasn’t when I grew a full beard. It wasn’t when Hank, my mercurial yet lovely Welsh Terrier turned two.

Or even when I asked Kathryn to marry me.

It was when I discovered wool socks. Handknit wool socks turned me into the man I am today. 100%. It was like discovering a sleeping bag for my feet—tight and oh-so-fucking-warm. Over the Christmas holiday, my dad had gotten more wool socks than I did from my grandma. It wasn’t a pretty sight. (He became a man long before I did. He discovered the greatness of wool socks before I was born. He’s a man.)

And now I had finally done it. I have become a man.

Life is better. I’m lighter on my feet. I smile, obnoxiously so now. Discovering the deep beauty of wool socks unleashed a sense of oneself I had never known before. I’m telling you, life is renewed. This is better than playing Mario Kart for the first time—that good.

Wool socks. The fucking best.

The Faces of Ghana

Faces of Ghana 7

I’m returning to Ghana after being there nearly seven years ago. It was my first trip to Africa. Hell, that was my first time leaving North America. Since then, I’ve been around the worldChina, Ecuador, Kenya, Cuba, Mexico, etc. I’m going back this time as a photographer for Me to We, and couldn’t be more thrilled. That trip to Ghana forever changed my future. It impacts the work I do today.

When I was originally there, I was a journalist trainer with Journalists for Human Rights, a great non-profit based in Toronto. While there for almost two months, I took a number of photos of the friendly faces that I met in my journey. This was way before I started to really shoot photography; I was only using a Pentax point-and-shoot at the time. Here are some of the faces I met in Ghana. I can’t wait to return. Click any photo to expand.


Random // Photo // Edits

Purple & Blue CN Tower

Here’s a collection of never published photos with some atypical photo edits for the hell of it. Mostly a lot of turned-up saturation, which, I think, everyone loves. Experimentation is key. And a helluva lot of fun.

Lights on lights

Heavy light Bokeh (photo by Ryan Bolton)

Moody Tobermory

Moody Tobermory (photo by Ryan Bolton)

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Winter Wonderland

Here comes the sun.

I was back home for the holidays. And more than ever before, the landscape was a beautiful winter wonderland. It was cold as all hell–as it should be–but the sun and accompanying blue skies were out almost every day. Here are a couple quick shots from dog walks with Hank into the Winter Wonderland.



Snow-covered hydro lines.

Snow-covered hydro lines.

Hank the Explorer

Hank the Explorer

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Blue Mountain Bokeh

Josh at Blue Mountain

Just got a new lens, the Canon 85mm. She’s a beauty for bokeh. And what a better way to test her out but night boarding at Blue Mountain. Take a peek.

Blue Mountain Night Boarding

Night boarding at Blue Mountain

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