Kate’s Pre-Wedding Hairdo

Kate's hair 1

One beautiful lady with one beautiful hairdo.

Kate's hair 2

Photo by Ryan Bolton. Rights held.

Kate's hair 3

Photo by Ryan Bolton. Rights held.

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Pretty Pictures of Pretty Petals

Cool Flower Toronto

Alliteration is best. So are flowers for shooting subjects. Here are a collection of photos that I’ve shot this spring of, well, flowers. Real men photograph plants. Enjoy!

Pink Lilac

Toronto's Flowers

Spring Tulip

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Kate + Hank

Katie and Hank 1

My two favourites. In High Park.

Creeping on Kate

Creeping on Kate

Hank in High Park

Hank in High Park

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Fuck Yeah, It’s Spring


Spring is here. I’m calling it. Hell, the Cherry Blossoms are calling it.

We went for a walk around Toronto yesterday to check out how spring is taking over. Here are a few snaps from what we saw.


Spring in bloom. Photo by Ryan Bolton.


Spring in bloom. Photo by Ryan Bolton.


Spring in bloom. Photo by Ryan Bolton.


Katie + Hank + Cherry Blossoms. Photo by Ryan Bolton.


Sun kissed. Photo by Ryan Bolton.

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A Trip to Wine Country

Yes, Niagara Falls is Beautiful.

A long weekend spent in Wine Country is ideal. Especially a long weekend in which the weather is turning from ice hell to a jubilation-inducing warmth. All of this is only heightened whilst in the centre of rows upon rows of grape fields. Here are a few shots from the wineries around Niagara-on-the-Lake and Niagara Falls itself.


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