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I’ve quite enjoyed my latest set of profile pieces with blogTO. They aren’t celebrities, musicians, politicians or quote-unquote big wigs. They’re baristas.

Getting a chance to know some of the city’s top espresso slingers has been both enlightening and insightful. Everyone has a story and baristas seem to have some of the best ones. But let’s let them do the talking.


Damien Zielinski is a pretty stand-up guy. He has a way of putting you at ease with a soft, slow nod. He nods when you walk in the door. He nods when he’s listening. He nods when he agrees with something you say. And as co-owner of Capital Espresso, that friendly joint in Parkdale that opened just a year ago in the old Vice office (they were formerly at Blondie’s), Damien damn well loves his espresso. The guy has been serving up spro (that’s their slang name for espresso) for 13 years, nearly half his life. And albeit Damien is pretty extroverted and not all that secretive, we wanted to get to know him a little better. The following is the result. Click to read the full profile. Read More


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