Ashley + Jeremy’s Wedding Day

Photo by Ryan Bolton.

Shooting a close friend’s wedding is both an honour and a stress. Of course you want to help them out, but you also don’t want to screw it up. It is a big day after all.

Jeremy and I have been close buds since grade school. He’s a kind and compassionate soul. Always has been. And now he and Ashley are hitched. For their big day, I was the groomsmen photographer while Mandy, an awesome photog, captured the ladies. And the coolest part? They got married about a country mile from where I was raised in Hanover, at this beautiful new spot called The Harvest Room. A treasure. Anyway, here is a sneak peek of their big day. Click on any photo to expand.

Congrats, Jeremy and Ashley!

If you need a photographer for any occasion (like a big wedding occasion), contact me here for rates. I’m affordable. And fun!

Winter Wonderland

Here comes the sun.

I was back home for the holidays. And more than ever before, the landscape was a beautiful winter wonderland. It was cold as all hell–as it should be–but the sun and accompanying blue skies were out almost every day. Here are a couple quick shots from dog walks with Hank into the Winter Wonderland.



Snow-covered hydro lines.

Snow-covered hydro lines.

Hank the Explorer

Hank the Explorer

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Real Country. Real Fast.

Shot in Hanover. Shot with love.

Canada Day long weekend is a beauty. Get out of the city. Drink endless amounts of beer. See friends and family. And hell, ride jet skis from the early ’90s.



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