Shooting Zombie Boy—Not in the Flesh

Zombie Boy 4

I was in Montreal last weekend. Just a little getaway. I always have a good time in Montreal, and this time was no exception. The city was alive. And on the Saturday, there was a massive downtown street sale in which traffic was cordoned off and shoppers roamed the streets en masse.

It was hectic. As I got to a particularly crowded spot, I spotted Zombie Boy. If you haven’t heard of Zombie Boy (real name is Rick Genest), well, the cliff notes is that he’s tattooed from head to toe to look like a skeleton. He’s also from Montreal. He also was diagnosed with a brain tumour before he got any of the tattoos. Oh, he’s in Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” video.

Anyway, I took some shots, of course. People were posing for photos with Zombie Boy. He was stoic as most photos of him are. Creepily stoic. It wasn’t until about three minutes later that I noticed that it was a wax sculpture of Zombie Boy. A very believable, almost too well done wax sculpture. Hauntingly good.

Anyway, take a look at Zombie Boy—not in the flesh.

Zombie Boy Photograph 2

Zombie Boy. Photographed by Ryan Bolton in Montreal.

Zombie Boy Photograph

Zombie Boy. Photographed by Ryan Bolton in Montreal.

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