The Week-Long Bachelor Party

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I’m a bloody lucky cat.

Not because I have tested somewhere around 7 of my lives, but because of my buds. We just returned from a week-long, couldn’t-possibly-do-more adventure in a lakeside chalet north of Mont Tremblant to celebrate my forthcoming exchanging of the vows.

Yes, week-long party.

There was a Modest Mouse concert to kick it off. White water rafting. Volleyball. Ample beer drinking. Football. Fixing tires on the side of the highway. Swimming. Canoeing. BBQing. Paintball. 70-foot frisbee tosses. Flip cup. General shenanigans. Some more beer drinking for good measure. Fireworks. Skinny dipping. Camp fires. Oh, and zip lining 3,000-feet long lines high above Tremblant’s treeline. And some unmentionables that I can’t include. (It was a bachelor party after all).

Take a glimpse at our adventure. Click any photo to open in lightbox. Thank god for good friends.

White Water Rafting. In Photos.

The required cornfield photo op.

Went white water rafting in Ottawa this past weekend. Took photos, none of which were of us white water rafting, as that would be difficult seeing that we were, er, white water rafting. Nonetheless, some pictures. Some good times. Some laughs.


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