My last editor’s rant

(The following is taken from the upcoming October issue of TRAVIS. In short, I’m stepping down from the publication to make way for better talent. This is my non-goodbye):

I’m leaving. Not to be alarmist, I’m just moving on from TRAVIS. And I’m looking down the barrel of endless emotions. Sad, excited, wistful, separation anxiety. But I just received an e-mail that puts it all back into perspective.

A kid named Derek e-mailed me. It was a short and simple e-mail. He’s new to Sheridan and he read TRAVIS cover-to-cover on his first day of school. Apparently he liked it. And now he wants to get involved with the publication. Over my three years of being editor of TRAVIS, this was my favourite part. The part where students are moved by TRAVIS to a point that they want to join. Like our editorial goal states: “Why write a piece if a reader won’t brag about it to their friends? Make sure they give a shit about every article.” And sure enough, some kids give a shit about TRAVIS.

I’m unfathomably proud of the magazine. I gloat about it shamelessly. Just ask my lady friend; she will gladly go on about my magazine obsessive tendencies. (Note to guys: You may only call your partner “lady friend” after five years. Write that down.)

TRAVIS is a student-run magazine that doesn’t look or read like a student-run magazine. It’s an industry-approved publication that brings together wicked-talented writers, photogs, illustrators, designers and general creative types. And at Sheridan, there’s a larger-than-usual pool of said types. And for that, we’re blessed.

As I step down from the editor’s pedestal, I know that cats like Derek will keep TRAVIS a well-oiled soapbox for Sheridan students. Keep pushing the envelope, team. Continue to make TRAVIS a magazine that our mom’s brag about. I’m leaving, but I’m far from gone.

Now put your hands together for my protégé, Michael Burton. (A terse note for Burton: Don’t screw this up. You got this.)

Later days,

Ryan Bolton


October 2010


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