Me and my mustache

Dear reader,

I’m currently growing a lip critter. Aka. a mustache. And it’s coming along nicely, thank you.

I’m growing the lip caterpillar for Movember, of course. Movemeber, if you’re unaware, is using the month of November for men to grow mustaches to raise funds and awareness for men’s depression and cancer, namely prostate cancer. And over the past few years things have really taken off with the comical, yet serious month of tiny facial hair.

Because let’s be honest, mustaches on most men (especially young men) aren’t super attractive. (But then again, Tom Selleck is a good-looking man by many standards). And that’s kinda the point. It’s okay to have an awkward amount of petite hairs above the top lip – people will ask why, and then you can explain the whole concept of Movember. And then you can encourage them to donate to your Movember “Mo Space.” Kinda like this conversation. Kinda.

And I’m all for that. Growing a mustache as a young man is fun, somewhat liberating even. I have typically held a solid 5 o’clock shadow in the past years, and this is a new facial hair territory to stroll into. And so far so good. The so-called ‘stache is coming in nicely and the comments (er, pseudo-compliments) are rolling in. (I’m just chalking this up to people noticing that some kind of mustache is sprouting on my face and they feel sorry for me. Even sorrier for my lady friend, of course.)

Are you participating? Both men and women can join Movember teams (females are called “Mo Sistas” and can definitely raise funds/awareness too. Ladies, you could also draw a mustache on daily if you so desired, maybe even changing up the mustache style day to day.)

I will update with a photo at the end of the month for all you curious readers. I should have a full-blown lip critter by then. I hope.

In the meantime, if you want to support me (and the TRAVIS team) and donate to my (our) Movember page, please go here:

I even have a photo of my lip critter up there to entice you.



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