Election Success: A ‘Stache, Twitter lingo and Beer


I am pretty much at a loss at this point. And so are you, I infer.

There are numerous factors at play here: 1) exhaustion 2) confusion 3) a lack of focus 4) more of the same 5) hashtag fail.

Common elements in many an election, sure, but this one in particular. Why? Well, because this is the third kick of the can with basically the same candidates and platforms. What’s changed? Not a hell of a lot. Well, aside from the G20 squabble, mounting fiscal deficit and widening divide between the rich and the poor. But the status quo for war, oil and corporate tax breaks is still safe and dandy. But let’s not anger Michael Moore here, I’m sure he’s busy.

But I digress. This isn’t an anti-Harper party. People like him just fine and seem to enjoy how he runs government. No comment.

I’m more interested in the rise of the man in orange: Jack Layton. The man that just bypassed the Liberals and is knocking at 24 Sussex Drive. Here’s a guy that’s always been in the background, the man with the ‘stache steering the oft-third place go-cart. And this time he’s got an implausibly big grin and an iron boot. He’s (figuratively) killing it.


Put candidly, I think people are pissed off with both the Conservatives and Liberals. Nothing’s changing. What the shit are they getting done? Squabbling, sure. It’s just one pile of the same after another ad infinitum. No change. No inspiration. No nicely-crafted mustache.

I am making light of this to a degree, but it’s true.

Harper has that arrogant-I’m-wearing-eye-glasses-trying-to-look-calm-and-likable look. Ignatieff has that I’m-starting-to-get-frustrated-that-no-one-cares-that-Harper-is-an-ass-and-I’m-smart look. Duceppe is French. Elizabeth May isn’t allowed in the damn debates for some inexplicable reason. And Layton, well, he knows Twitter terminology, sticks to his word and drinks beer at hockey games.

That, you’d be surprised, counts for something today.