The Looming Doom for Occupy Movement

“It’s time we did something about it,” Toronto Deputy Mayor, Doug Holyday said today, of the Occupy Toronto settlement. In other words, shit is about to hit the fan.

There has been somewhat of a stasis with the Occupy movement as of late. It’s still there, but nothing is really happening that is garnering media attention, save for a sprinkling of bad news, like overdoses and a death at Vancouver’s Occupy site. And with this stagnation, drainage of media spotlight and most definitely no change on Wall Street, the Occupy movement is withering. And this is bad news. Bad for a couple reasons, but shittier because violence is the direction things will unfortunately deteriorate to.

I hate to write it, but when police eventually do move in to break up the Occupy settlements across Canada—as they’ve been increasingly threatening to pounce on recently—violence is going to mar any sort of “peaceful intervention.” There is already strained tension in Vancouver between police and protesters after they clashed on Monday night, which oddly enough, left two police officers with bite marks.

It’s going to be ugly. As soon as/if violence enters on the side of the protesters, they will lose any mainstream support they had from the nation who side with the 99% sentiment. The mainstream will turn to the police’s side, citing violence as unacceptable from the protesters. They will quickly be snuffed out without any cries from the mainstream. In turn, the protesters will fight back harder and—damn, this is just depressing.

Nothing positive is going to come from this. Impending doom for the protesters is on the horizon.