Excuse me, I give a shit

Now, let’s not get upset by my unwieldy title. But I got your attention, didn’t I? Let me lay it out. I’m constantly struck by our—as in, Western society’s—bullshit apathy. I say bullshit, because it’s acceptable to not give a shit. There’s no weight put behind an iota of caring. Read the news? Fuck that. Care about what’s happening to the environment as oil is spilling into our country’s backyard? Nah, Harper’s got shit covered. Actually pay attention to the horror happening in Syria. Just Google Syria right now. Fucked up, right? Anyone doing anything about it? We’ve got busy schedules. Maybe next week.

Good jesus, I sound bitter as all hell. I’m not bitter, I just feel fucking letdown. I think that’s the right word.

When I was younger, it was programmed into me to give a shit. Care about my pets. Care about the environment around me. Don’t I dare toss my pop can on the ground. I was taught to be better than that. Hold the fucking door for people. (Still do, and damn what a good feeling that is, selfishly speaking.) And treat others, no matter what, with respect.

That simple. Treat others with respect.

Doesn’t matter what you know or don’t know about them. Just treat them fairly. The Golden Rule and all that shit. And I’m just shocked—I do live in Yuppiedom, full disclosure—at the lack of caring for one another that I see day to day. (My work and the people I work alongside, totally discount this point, however. That’s part of the reason why I work there.) I’m talking about the people I meet on the streets, in the dog park, on the road, biking. You know, day to day life.

Where’s the warmness? The straight-up kindness? Where’s the sense of giving a shit about one another? About the environment? About our city, our country, our bloody world? I’m not seeing it.

It would make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside if you’d consider it. It will be like the collective feeling of us all holding the door open for some old grandma tottering out of your high rise. I’m not sure why an old grandma is at a high rise, but you get the drift.

That felt good to get off my chest. Here’s to giving a shit. Cheers.