Here’s the last and final instalment of Cuba photos. Good god, I miss Havana and its streets. Take in the classic cars, the gorgeous Spanish architecture and a little Che, naturally. As always, enjoy!

All photos copyright by Ryan Bolton.


Written by Ryan Bolton

Ryan is a Toronto-based writer and photographer that likes to break the rules. His work has taken him around the world to do what he truly loves—storytelling. And drinking cold beer.


  1. Now that is a place I really want to get to before things change too soon. I have heard complete mixed reviews on Cuba, most of them negative and most of them concerning the food but it is a place I want to discover in the next 12 months still.

    Your photos inspire me to get over over there and see it all for myself!


    1. Hey Nic,

      In a word, go. Yes, the food is subpar, but the experience and adventure is awesome, especially if you get out of resortland and explore. Definitely a good time to go before things continue to change.


  2. Fantastic photographs! I adore Cuba, visited there 5 years ago, but went to Santiago. I’d love to return one day to visit Havana, your photos make me wish I could jet off tomorrow!


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