The Cuba Experience No. Tres

Here’s the last and final instalment of Cuba photos. Good god, I miss Havana and its streets. Take in the classic cars, the gorgeous Spanish architecture and a little Che, naturally. As always, enjoy!

All photos copyright by Ryan Bolton.


16 thoughts on “The Cuba Experience No. Tres

  1. Now that is a place I really want to get to before things change too soon. I have heard complete mixed reviews on Cuba, most of them negative and most of them concerning the food but it is a place I want to discover in the next 12 months still.

    Your photos inspire me to get over over there and see it all for myself!


    1. Hey Nic,

      In a word, go. Yes, the food is subpar, but the experience and adventure is awesome, especially if you get out of resortland and explore. Definitely a good time to go before things continue to change.


  2. Fantastic photographs! I adore Cuba, visited there 5 years ago, but went to Santiago. I’d love to return one day to visit Havana, your photos make me wish I could jet off tomorrow!


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