PROJECT: CN Tower via Instagram Filters

Living in downtown Toronto comes with its perks, indeed. One of those advantages is having solid vantage points for shooting Toronto’s iconic phallic symbol: the CN Tower. Over the past couple years, only using my iPhone and some Instagram filters, I have been taking various shots of the CN Tower, much to the chagrin of some of my friends. But here’s a little representation of this mini-project. I present to you, the CN Tower, standing proud and erect over Toronto.

Click on any of the photos to expand in the lightbox. Enjoy!

To see more of my photography, go here!


55 thoughts on “PROJECT: CN Tower via Instagram Filters

  1. Fun to see Tronna on the FP page! I like the shots from the Island the best; I left TO in 1986 but return often and was married on Centre Island two years ago.

  2. I love this! There’s something so very photogenic about the CN tower.
    I’m a Toronto girl myself, moved here a little while ago, and I can see the tower from my apartment. I steal a glance at it every single day, and I send a mental message to the city, telling it how much I love it.

  3. The picture with the file name CN Tower 4 is my personal favorite. Great us of Instagram. A cool post altogether.

  4. Such a cool idea.

    So many different angles and filters can emote such different emotions. I love the last one. It is so moody and actually looks about 40 years old.

    Nice work.

  5. Great pics…..especially love the reflection in the glass building and the black and white shot. I’m a fellow Torontonian! You may want to check out a photo I took of the CN tower through the sunroof of my car when I was in a traffic jam on the Gardiner. It’s an optical illusion — the lamp post looks as tall as the tower! It’s in my post called Gone Snap Happy in the July 2012 archives or you can find it in my current post on

  6. Great photos! I have never been to Canada before and finally have opportunity as I’m going out there for a wedding next week – CN tower is on my list of things to do..what else would you recommend??

    1. Awesome, Amy. Well, Toronto is really built on a grid structure of endless and diverse neighbourhoods. Truthfully, to really see the city, look for a neighbourhood (or 5) that stands out to you and really check it out. Like Cabbagetown, Little Italy, Kensington (must see), or Chinatown. Happy adventures.


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