Once Upon a Time in a Barber Shop

Originally published photos and article on blogTO.

Hastings Barber Shop has a small stack of ’70s era Playboy magazines on the windowsill, and when you look up, the next thing you notice is two large taxidermied deer heads on the wall, flanking the turn-of-the-century wood and mirror barber back bar. Hastings Barber Shop is a cozy space, but it’s packed with personality and straight-up quality fades and shaves. Read the rest of the article and see more photos on blogTO here.


4 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time in a Barber Shop

  1. Awesome write up mate! I love stories and photographs about this sort of thing. I think you have inspired me to do the same and go out there and write about some of the old institutions here in Calgary…

    Keep up the great work.


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