Why Rob Ford Needs To Step Down


I tried to hold off on writing about Rob Ford during this ongoing clusterfuck. Truthfully, I did.

But enough is enough. The crack-puffing-often-in-a-drunken-stupor-mayor situation started off completely batshit, which led to embarrassing and has entered its final stages of being downright sad and abject. To add to the chorus, Rob Ford needs to step down. For ample reasons. The chief among them being if he really does love this city and its taxpayers, he will step down out of respect for them alone. His glib and endless apologies are such a backhanded slap to all of Toronto. Rob, you smoked crack. While you were mayor of the fourth largest city in North Fucking America. And then lied about it for six months. You also allegedly “banged” hookers, did blow, drove drunk, talked about cunnilingus on live television–Christ, man, let’s just leave it there. The point is: You don’t just apologize for that. You fucking resign. And get some help.

Rob Ford needs to step down for Rob Ford. He’s overtly unhealthy. His public behaviour is manic at best—that of a severe addict. His gluttonous ways (and I’m not alluding to his weight as that’s a cheap shot; I’m talking about his want for drink, his deep desire for attention and his overt megalomania with political power) have sunken him into such an irreversible quagmire.

He so desperately needs professional help first and foremost.

But here’s why Rob Ford needs to step down: he’s an outright liar. Strong relationships are built and based on trust. This is what politicians run on, and, well, eventually fuck up. But Rob Ford has done so to such a gross extent and thrown the media and any detractor under the bus with him. As the LA Times writes, Rob Ford makes Anthony Weiner “and his crotch tweets look demure.” Having lied to the public for over six months about smoking crack and then admitting and expecting some sort of collective forgiving is laughable. He’s sorry. He believes that things will get better. That he will change. Now that there is the biggest lie of them all.

Every day we wake up on eggshells anticipating what new depths of depravity we will sink to as the world looks on and laughs.

This shitstorm will only worsen. For himself, for his family and for the city, Rob Ford needs to step down. As he loses more and more public faith and opinion, I’m sure more people will come forward with more damning evidence against this man. There’s more out there for sure, including at least two crack videos according to the police.

Rob Ford does not represent this city. His boorish and lewd attitude, his constant attacks on the media, his outright lies and his pompous self-righteousness through this whole clusterfuck is appalling. Every day we wake up on eggshells anticipating what new depths of depravity we will sink to as the world looks on and laughs—rightfully so, as would I if it weren’t so bloody tragic.

I covered the 2010 Toronto mayoral election for Spacing magazine. I remember not being able to fully understand the allure of Rob Ford then and all I did was consume as much news as I could, went to the public debates and even chatted with most of the mayoral candidates. He just kept on about his soundbite-perfected “gravy train” without ever offering up in-depth details on his platform. This was the same man that openly opined that it was the cyclists’ fault if they are killed on Toronto’s streets and made horrifically ignorant comments about contracting AIDS. (Oh, he apologized about that, too!) I thought surely that Toronto wouldn’t elect this man. It was mindboggling for sure, but the people trusted him and they voted him in.

But here we are. And that trust is up in smoke.

5 thoughts on “Why Rob Ford Needs To Step Down

  1. Beautifully written! It’s really upsetting that this sideshow is taking away attention from all the remarkable things the city has to offer.

    I was recently living in Spain and was disheartened when all I keep hearing from people when they found out I was a Torontonian was “oh, the city with a crack smoking mayor.” Sigh! “We have a remarkable gay pride parade, outstanding cultural festivals, an impressively low crime rate for a major city,” I would plead.” The response was often a sympathetic nod of the head and change of subject.

    In regards to the crack, Ford keeps saying “I’m being punished for being honest” (it’s sad that I have to clarify which outrageous behaviour he is referring to). No, Ford. You’re being punished for SMOKING CRACK while Mayor and denying it until you were essentially forced to admit it. Unfortunately, this is not mimicking a hilarious episode of Girls (you know, the one where Shoshanna accidentally smokes crack); this is another performance in Ford’s farce – which has turned into a tragedy for the city of Toronto.


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