The Faces of Ghana

I’m returning to Ghana after being there nearly seven years ago. It was my first trip to Africa. Hell, that was my first time leaving North America. Since then, I’ve been around the worldChina, Ecuador, Kenya, Cuba, Mexico, etc. I’m going back this time as a photographer for Me to We, and couldn’t be more thrilled. That trip to Ghana forever changed my future. It impacts the work I do today.

When I was originally there, I was a journalist trainer with Journalists for Human Rights, a great non-profit based in Toronto. While there for almost two months, I took a number of photos of the friendly faces that I met in my journey. This was way before I started to really shoot photography; I was only using a Pentax point-and-shoot at the time. Here are some of the faces I met in Ghana. I can’t wait to return. Click any photo to expand.


16 thoughts on “The Faces of Ghana

  1. Isn’t Ghana amazing? I am so entirely jealous of you getting to go back. That’s the first place I had ever traveled as well. Life changing! The post of mine you liked was all pictures of My trip to Ghana.

  2. I moved to Ghana when I was 12years old,lived there full time in my late 20’s and look forward to returning soon now I’m in my 40’s! You’ve captured the true nature of a wonderful people. Friendly, warm, hospitable & happy people. Wonderful photography!

  3. This is soooo amazingggg 🙂
    I’m in love with all the pictures.
    You click so well.
    Could you give me tips on how to click beautiful pictures with an 8 megapixel cam?
    I love photography, but cannot afford a DSLR! Plus, I’ve other passions.
    But I want to click random pictures at weddings and stuff, but am not able to do so 😦

    1. Hey there, when it comes down to high quality images it is part good camera and part good eye for shots, really. So while a good camera helps, your eye needs to be good too. I recommend getting closer to your subject whenever possible and ensuring good light.


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