I recently became a man. It was a couple months ago, when it was colder than frozen balloon knots.

It wasn’t when I grew a full beard. It wasn’t when Hank, my mercurial yet lovely Welsh Terrier turned two.

Or even when I asked Kathryn to marry me.

It was when I discovered wool socks. Handknit wool socks turned me into the man I am today. 100%. It was like discovering a sleeping bag for my feet—tight and oh-so-fucking-warm. Over the Christmas holiday, my dad had gotten more wool socks than I did from my grandma. It wasn’t a pretty sight. (He became a man long before I did. He discovered the greatness of wool socks before I was born. He’s a man.)

Wool socks are better than playing Mario Kart for the first time—that good.

And now I had finally done it. I have become a man.

Life is better. I’m lighter on my feet. I smile, obnoxiously so now. Discovering the deep beauty of wool socks unleashed a sense of oneself I had never known before. I’m telling you, life is renewed. This is better than playing Mario Kart for the first time—that good.

Wool socks. The fucking best.

Written by Ryan Bolton

Ryan is a Toronto-based writer and photographer that likes to break the rules. His work has taken him around the world to do what he truly loves—storytelling. And drinking cold beer.


  1. Than Mario Kart for the first time?!? I cannot imagine…but thank you for the entertaining post. I did smile–obnoxiously so:D

  2. i love that you used the word mercurial. considering i’m an astrologer ruled by the planet, i empathize with this term and therefore automatically love your dog. and i also LOVE wool socks! look for the brand “smart wool” if you aren’t familiar. super thin but super warm and great for hiking or skiing! 😉


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