A Trip to Wine Country

A long weekend spent in Wine Country is ideal. Especially a long weekend in which the weather is turning from ice hell to a jubilation-inducing warmth. All of this is only heightened whilst in the centre of rows upon rows of grape fields. Here are a few shots from the wineries around Niagara-on-the-Lake and Niagara Falls itself.

9 thoughts on “A Trip to Wine Country

    1. Too be honest, not sure of the best. We went to Trius Winery and it was suitable. There is also Jackson Triggs, which is one of the largest Niagara wineries. All worthy of a try, but yes, French wine takes the cake.

  1. Lovely photos. I don’t know about the wines in the Niagara Falls area (Canadian side) although I visited years ago. But the Finger Lakes, upstate New York, have lovely vineyards. I am from France and I can tell you that many American wines are catching up. Fast. I don’t know enough about the Canadian wines to say.


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