The Week-Long Bachelor Party

I’m a bloody lucky cat.

Not because I have tested somewhere around 7 of my lives, but because of my buds. We just returned from a week-long, couldn’t-possibly-do-more adventure in a lakeside chalet north of Mont Tremblant to celebrate my forthcoming exchanging of the vows.

Yes, week-long party.

There was a Modest Mouse concert to kick it off. White water rafting. Volleyball. Ample beer drinking. Football. Fixing tires on the side of the highway. Swimming. Canoeing. BBQing. Paintball. 70-foot frisbee tosses. Flip cup. General shenanigans. Some more beer drinking for good measure. Fireworks. Skinny dipping. Camp fires. Oh, and zip lining 3,000-feet long lines high above Tremblant’s treeline. And some unmentionables that I can’t include. (It was a bachelor party after all).

Take a glimpse at our adventure. Click any photo to open in lightbox. Thank god for good friends.

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