My Friend Rob. And His 2,400km Bike Ride.


This is Rob Dyer. He leaves tomorrow on a bike ride from Toronto to New Orleans. That’s 2,400 kilometres. And in true Rob Dyer fashion, he’s doing it for others. This time, it’s for the brilliant charity, Wellspring.

Rob is the founder of Skate4Cancer, a nouveau charity that has him skateboard across countries in support of cancer research. To date, he has skated across the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and a large chunk of Australia before being struck by a car. Yes, I totally agree, he’s the best. Here are a couple shots I took of Rob before he sets off once again.

Godspeed, Rob. Never stop.


IMG_5216IMG_5153 IMG_5172IMG_5162  IMG_5186 IMG_5190 IMG_5193

IMG_5206  IMG_5220

All photos copyright to Ryan Bolton.

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