Ryan + Kathryn: Our Wedding Photos


What a beautiful journey.

Katie and I have been together for over 10 years now. The past year and a half planning the wedding you’re about to see were some of the best. (Katie does events professionally. Enough said).

And our wedding photos are now here. We couldn’t be happier.

A we-can’t-thank-you-enough times 10 to our photographers, Jimmy and Sonya at GreenAutumn. Katie and I were quite picky with who we wanted to shoot our big day, but the decision was easy with these two. I’ll let their work speak for itself. The groomsmen shot their photos at Camp 30, an POW camp from WWII. The wedding was at South Pond Farms in Bethany. It’s a true gem. The video is a very special gift from my buddy Andrew Ventura who shot the wedding on 8mm film. Yeah, like on a Super 8 camera. Thank you to our families, entire bridal party and all our (gorgeous and awesome) guests.

We love you all.

Time for some memories

Click any photo to open in the lightbox viewer. Makes viewing easy.

16 thoughts on “Ryan + Kathryn: Our Wedding Photos

  1. Good. God.

    The film is gorgeous, the wedding is stunning, and the beards are all perfectly coifed.

    Well done!!!!!


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