The Time I Got to Shoot Pro Skateboarders

For anyone that really knows me, knows that skateboarding is my everything. It’s what I first identified with. Where I discovered individualism and creativity. Of seeing the world differently. I would spend hours, every day, perfecting tricks. I dedicated everything I had to skateboarding. To be frank, skateboarding was the impetus to my photography. I owe a lot of my photography to studying skateboard photographers and how they captured a shot. It’s not so simple, and like skateboarding, every angle is a new possibility. A chance to create.

Yesterday, the Primitive skateboard pros, came to town. Here are my favourite shots of pros Paul Rodriguez, Nick Tucker, Shane O’Neill, Carlos Ribeiro and soon-to-be-pro, Deigo Najera at Toronto’s Ashbridge’s Skate Park. Cheers! Xo.

P-Rod chilling with the homies.
P-Rod going for the switch 3 flip.
Shane O’Neill and a frontside flip.
Caught this on video, too: crooked, nollie heelflip out.
Paul Rodriguez, legend.
Carlos with a kickflip backside noseblunt.
Shane O’Neill, arguably the best skater in the world.
Shane O’Neill and big spin backside tailslide.
Diego is one of the most effortlessly cool and stylish skaters.
IMG_4828 (1)
Deigo frontside feeble up the handrail.
Diego Najera.
Frontside bluntslide.
Paul Rodrigquez, legend.
Next try.
Tucker going for the kickflip up the 6-set.
Nick Tucker with a kickflip up the long 6.

13 thoughts on “The Time I Got to Shoot Pro Skateboarders

  1. Skating holds a big place in my life too. Unfortunately for myself, I just lost my nerve. The new tricks were just coming to fast and I could not push myself so hard to keep up.

    The state of skateboarding now is just surreal and it has progressed as fast as technology. To think that in the end of the 70’s a lot of airs were not even being landed. By the Bones era they were getting way out and doing tech tricks and soon after doing the Rodney Mullins street skating. It is rather incredible.

    Thanks for the shots!

  2. Hey Am shukri from Kenya and I have passion for blogging but don’t know how to make it count. I have already have a blog which I started recently and I was asking if you could be my mentor. Thank you in advance


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