WayHome in Photos: Major Lazer, Arcade Fire, Haim and a Wedding Proposal

A year ago I got serious about music photography. I shot my first festival for Field Trip. I was hooked. And after shooting 4 festivals this year so far, I was asked to be a staff photographer for WayHome Festival, arguably Ontario’s best music festival.

A true honour.

There’s always a magic feeling at a good music festival. As a trained writer, I look to capture the mood of a festival. With photography, I feel I can get closer to capturing the emotion. It’s a mix of anticipation, love of music, art, creative people, whimsy and maybe a couple wobbly pops. This year, I was lucky enough to be stationed to catch another wedding proposal in the middle of the crowd for a lovely couple during Beirut’s set. Congrats, Chris and Courtney!

Here are some of my favourite snaps from behind the scenes, in the crowd, onstage and in the photo pit. Until the next one. Click any photo to expand.

See more of my photography here.

4 thoughts on “WayHome in Photos: Major Lazer, Arcade Fire, Haim and a Wedding Proposal

  1. Great shots! The festival looks fun from them and I can imagine that it was even better in person.

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