I Launched an Online Shop of My Framed Prints (At Last!)

I finally did it. The first sale on something you’ve worked hard on (read: obsessively) is a beautiful thing. Especially so when that client isn’t your loving mother.

I did it. I opened an online shop of my gallery framed prints.

Toronto CN Tower Framed Photograph
I took this shot before Drake’s VIEWS came out. Promise.

It’s something I’ve aspired to do for too long. Photography has opened so many doors for me (some cool things in the works including heading back to Africa for trip No. 4—stay tuned). Photography has ushered in such a lovable cast of beautiful souls that I now call close friends. Photography has given me the ability to share my perspective with the world. And I love it.

I’m starting with a framed collection of my Toronto Series. It’s a collection I’ve been working on since I’ve lived here. As a staff photographer with blogTO for over 5 years, I’ve ventured many a nook and cranny in this city. But it was last year that I published a photo series, Toronto at Night. It was a hit. I still get requests for prints from that series on a weekly basis.

Toronto Streetcar Photographs 2016
A couple from my Toronto Series. See the full collection here.

I love this city, endlessly. Sure, the TTC gets backed up. Sure, it gets cold AF. But look at it! Look at this beautiful city. Here’s what I’ve been doing for the past few years late at night, walking to work and out and about with Hank capturing the city for blogTO, for myself and for you.

I currently have expertly-edited prints available in two sizes 14″ x 18″ and the nice and big 24″ x 32″ gallery frames.

So yeah, here’s my work. Framed. For you.



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