A Weekend in Snow-blanketed Newfoundland

About a month ago, I spent 4 days in 4 provinces. It was wild. And awesome. I was on a work shoot to give away huge prize bundles to couples that had won regional prizes in Canada’s Luckiest Baby. You can watch how we made some people very happy before the holidays. I helped film part of it.

Naturally, I had to try and capture everything around me. And naturally, we got screeched in. We also ditched our rental car, naturally. Here’s some quick snaps in St. John’s, Newfoundland and the surrounding area. The lead and last photographs are 1-minute long day exposures. ✌

17 thoughts on “A Weekend in Snow-blanketed Newfoundland

  1. The light house is not too far from Gros Morne National Park. Gros Morne “Mountain” exists in one of the most unique geologic locations imaginable, especially when viewing the surrounding lands while standing on its top.

  2. This is a wonderful post and I’m happy to have found your blog via the Discover feature. My husband and I are exploring the eastern islands of Maine as a possible are for retirement. And we want to travel to the eastern provinces of Canada. I’ve been to Iceland twice and some of your photos reminded me of Iceland.

  3. Your photographs are an inspiration to say the least. You really know how to capture each perspective of a scene to give it a much deeper meaning. kudos to you ❤


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