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“If I can impact just one person with a story or photograph, I’ve done my job,” says Ryan Bolton, a photographer based in Toronto, Canada. Ryan caught the travel bug after his university graduation, when he spent time as a journalist in a Liberian refugee camp in Ghana. Exploring the world, telling stories, and taking pictures have since become his passions. From vibrant cityscapes to quiet portraits, here’s a glimpse into Ryan’s work.

toronto-skyline_ryan-bolton The colorful Toronto skyline.

You photograph landscapes to portraits, weddings to concerts, and more. What do you enjoy the most?

Looking for a portfolio-style theme? Ryan uses the modern Hermes theme, which highlights his photos beautifully on a front-page showcase.

The variety. I see every photo as a puzzle. As something to figure out and capture. It’s not just the composition of the shot . . . it’s the right light. The right numbers (aperture, shutter speed, ISO). The right…

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Written by Ryan Bolton

Ryan is a Toronto-based writer and photographer that likes to break the rules. His work has taken him around the world to do what he truly loves—storytelling. And drinking cold beer.


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