For anyone that really knows me, knows I love music. It’s life. I’m listening to Paul Simon’s Graceland having dinner with my wife as I write this. I digress. Point is, I adore music and what a pleasure it was to be given an all-access photo pass to Canada’s massive music awards weekend, the JUNOs.

It was every bit as awesome as I had imagined. It’s every bit as awesome as taking the JUNO Express train to Ottawa with live music and lots of beer along for the ride. A true musical adventure. It’s every bit as awesome as rubbing shoulders with Canada’s best musicians (and yes, that’s Kiefer Sutherland) and capturing their art is nourishing for the creative soul.

Over the course of three days, I shot in old converted churches, in basements and old, tastefully-refurbished factories, in behemoth gala halls, in Presidential Suite’s overlooking Parliament Hill, in hockey arenas (for hockey and for music), on the red carpet, backstage, side stage and in every bit of the JUNO Awards including running into the boys of Letterkenny and the freakin’ bomb squad (photo below). Anyway, here are my favourite captures from my all-access photography pass. Congrats to all the winners and losers. And shoutout to the Tragically Hip, A Tribe Called Red, Kaytranada, Arkells, Feist, July Talk, Alessia Cara and everyone in the music industry. Canadian music is world-fucking-class. Let’s keep rocking. The dream continues. Click any photo to expand.

Written by Ryan Bolton

Ryan is a Toronto-based writer and photographer that likes to break the rules. His work has taken him around the world to do what he truly loves—storytelling. And drinking cold beer.

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