Jam Factory Wedding with Jane & Raphael

This one was special. From originally meeting and working together at Free The Children many a moon ago, Jane and I have held a special kinship. I’ve always been enamoured with Jane’s determined selflessness. Her deep, unrelenting compassion. And to see her elated with Raphael—a true gentleman from Montreal—it’s heartwarming.

This wedding was special, because Jane & Raphael’s original wedding location was under water, literally. It was to be a June wedding on the Toronto Islands, but the island flooded this spring and hasn’t been accessible.

That didn’t stop Jane. Jam Factory, a stunning old factory in Leslieville, which once made actual jam, opened their doors to accommodate. Kathryn and I really worked to showcase the deep beauty and love between these two and the many special moments throughout the day, and we hope it shows. All the love, Raphael + Jane. Xo. Click any photo to expand.

See more of my wedding photography here, loves.

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