Photo Essay: Sleeping in Caves, Hiking Through the Atlas Mountains + Living with a Nomadic Berber Tribe

Sleeping in a cave in the middle of the mountains of Morocco gives you a childlike feeling. Like the best sleep-over, ever. We played cards by candlelight listening to Toto’s “Africa” as white flashes of lightning illuminated the cave’s entrance.

People say once-in-a-lifetime a lot. This trip truly was. Hiking through Morocco’s Atlas Mountains with a nomadic Berber family and all their goats, sheep, mules and camels in tow. It’s a trip that only happens twice a year. This was most definitely “off the beaten path” as we didn’t see anyone else for a full week in the desert. No Internet. No technology. Just a dozen world travelers and a nomadic Berber tribe. It was humbling. It was filled with moments of self-reflection and moments of real bonding with my fellow travelers from around the world.

A massive shoutout to Intrepid Travel for sending me to photograph these epic ventures once again. You make this small town boy’s dreams come true. As they say, “travel makes you rich.” Excited to announce that I’m off to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam later this month for the next adventure. All the love. Click any photo to expand.

See more of my travel photography here, loves.

7 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Sleeping in Caves, Hiking Through the Atlas Mountains + Living with a Nomadic Berber Tribe

    1. Yeah, I was warned of that a lot as well. And it happened a couple times, but after spending lots of time with the locals, all was cool. Being real and authentic is the key to a solid portrait.

  1. Hello! I really love these photos! they are so colorful and joyful… would you mind if we shared some of them on my company instagram page? we would definitely tag you and credit you in them of course!


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