Paradise Found: 42 of My Favourite Photos from Thailand’s “Holy-Shit!” Beaches

“How about we add in a quick jaunt down to Krabi,” I wrote back to Joni. I was already scheduled to hit Bangkok and to continue through Cambodia and Vietnam, but I had three extra days in Thailand. “Let’s trade lives,” she replied, with the hopper flight details attached.

This is Krabi, Thailand. Well, it’s a snipped of the countless paradise islands like Phi Phi Island, Hong Bay, Ko Phi Don and others, popularized in the late ’90s with millennials via Alex Garland’s terrific The Beach, starring one Leo DiCaprio. It’s now a hotbed for the world’s gap-year students seeking an adventure in a teal-coloured ocean. I don’t blame them. It doesn’t get much more beautiful than this.

Here’s the first instalment of my favourite captures from each country I explored with my mates at Intrepid Travel. Here’s the full trip called Cambodia Adventure. Check it. (Shoutout to Joni + full Intrepid team!) Cambodia’s next. Rock and roll. 🤘 Click any photo to expand. R/

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