Exploring Egypt: From the Pyramids of Giza to Floating Down the Nile on a Felucca

This adventure was different. I’ve truly traveled the world as a photographer for Intrepid Travel now, from Sri Lanka to Iceland to Morocco to South Africa to Thailand and Vietnam, from Across America and now to Egypt. But this one was different. We were working on capturing the essence of Egypt, how tourism left the country almost overnight during the Arab Spring back in 2011, and how it’s coming back.

Things are looking good for Egypt. The tourism industry is bouncing back in a big way, albeit we were still the only travelers at some hotels, especially in the south in Abu Simbel. We were there with our production crew—shout out to Heather and Cliff—and six world-travelers that were hand-selected by Intrepid to share their travel stories. And wow. Time and time again this trip reminded me of the gorgeousness, the connections in travel. In connecting with people and their cultures. On really letting yourself go and to explore, especially with some of the oldest sites ever known. From sleeping at a homestay to floating down the Nile on our trusty felucca to seeing the Great Pyramids to exploring the ruins of Luxor’s ancient temples, this was an epic one. I’m so excited to share some of favourite captures below. Click any photo to expand.

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