The Holiday Portraits

I brought my camera home for the holidays. People smiled. Good times were had. I took some pictures. Click to enlarge below. You know you want to. Look at those attractive models. —RYAN BOLTON

New Lens. Old Models.

I got a new lens yesterday. I don't typically get new lenses—mainly for the fact that I'm hardly a photographer. Hence the words that you mainly see on this blog. Anyway, with a new lens comes some sample shots. And here they are. A hand for the somewhat acquiesced models, including Hank. —RYAN BOLTON

White Water Rafting. In Photos.

Went white water rafting in Ottawa this past weekend. Took photos, none of which were of us white water rafting, as that would be difficult seeing that we were, er, white water rafting. Nonetheless, some pictures. Some good times. Some laughs.