My Yuppie Life: Living in CityPlace

by RYAN BOLTON You could call me a yuppie. I live in a concrete box downtown. I work as a young professional at a prominent downtown non-profit. In the months when I can actually feel my face, I bike five kilometres to work every day. And I'm damn proud of the lifestyle. Well, otherwise than … Continue reading My Yuppie Life: Living in CityPlace

Spacing: The Storefront

The following is a profile that was recently published in Spacing magazine's, Hunger City issue. by RYAN BOLTON The building was a 1960s police station. Inside the drab, brown brick bungalow surrounded by a six-foot chain fence, cell bars held petty thieves and drug dealers overnight. The cold, white concrete brick interior wasn’t built for … Continue reading Spacing: The Storefront

Homeless in the Winter

Here's a feature article that was just published in the Winter issue of Spacing magazine. by RYAN BOLTON “All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space.” — Philip Johnson There’s a brown City of Toronto bench in the centre of … Continue reading Homeless in the Winter

Protests in Toronto: Spanning a Decade

By Ryan Bolton Originally published in Spacing magazine's Rules issue. On a brisk Saturday afternoon, a rotund man is waving a black sign and chanting, zealously. Spittle is sticking to the edges of his graying beard. His right arm juts up and down brandishing a placard. It reads: “NO TO PROROGUING, YES TO DEMOCRACY.” Scanning … Continue reading Protests in Toronto: Spanning a Decade