Hot Air Balloons of Cappadocia, Turkey.


I was eight-years-old when I started to notice photography. To see time frozen changed my perspective. This was the late ’80s and it was the coolest thing I had seen because it was a representation of seeing the world. To capture a snippet of time. The beauty of a fleeting moment. The connections in life. My work is a testament to this.

Photography puts the world into perspective for me. It gives me a sense of adventure. And she has shown me the world—from Ghana, Brazil, Peru, Cambodia, Iceland, China, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Ecuador, Chicago, Argentina, Kenya, crisscrossing North America, Egypt, Switzerland, Vietnam, Morocco, South Africa, and Turkey—and here at home in Toronto. I’ve worked with photography clients Apple, Red Bull, Spotify, Lexus, Universal Music, Uber, Intrepid Travel, Me to We & WE Charity, the JUNO Awards, the Red Cross, and have been published/featured in Toronto Life, CBCViceApplied Arts and Billboard magazine. My work has been featured in the Contact Photography Festival, Sound Image (2017, 2018, 2019), Love Actually Exhibition and won 2019’s Applied Art’s Photojournalism Award. 🙏

All photography by Ryan Bolton. I sell prints of all my captures—shop my photos here. Need an award-winning photographer? Let’s work together. Contact me. Let’s create together. Click any photo to expand.

Shop Ryan’s Photography here! Need a photographer? Let’s work together. Contact me. Let’s connect.

23 thoughts on “PHOTOGRAPHY

  1. Well, Ryan, once again your photos knock me sideways. What an eye you have, what amazing places you have seen! Ly and I just checked them out together (quite proud to see our hammock in the midst … ha)



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