I was four-years-old when the power of photography awoke me. To see time frozen changed my perspective. This was the late ’80s and it was the coolest thing I had seen, because it was a representation of how I saw the world. To share how I see the world. And today, it still has that exact effect on me. Capturing the beauty of a fleeting moment. The connections in life. My work here is a testament to that. Thank you for visiting.

I aim to capture the beauty of fleeting moments. To share how I see the world.

Photography calms me. Like a stiff drink after a long day. And it has taken me around the world to shoot—Ghana, China, Amsterdam, Cuba, Detroit, Mexico, Ecuador, Chicago, Kenya, New York City, Switzerland—and here at home in Toronto. All photography under copyright to Ryan Bolton©. I sell prints of all my captures. Shop my photos here. Need a photographer? Awesome, let’s work together. Contact me for my rates (I’ll get back to you quickly. Pinky swear.)

Shop Ryan’s Photography here!


  1. Well, Ryan, once again your photos knock me sideways. What an eye you have, what amazing places you have seen! Ly and I just checked them out together (quite proud to see our hammock in the midst … ha)



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