A good portrait is part art form, part special moment. I’ve had the honour of shooting portraits all over the world with superstars and beautiful souls. I’m always looking for something new.  Treat yourself. If you’d like to set up a portrait series or need a professional headshot, please contact me for a quote.
I’ll get right back to you.✌

Miles 11 Months__Ryan Bolton-3K5A7733
The Quechua of Peru
South Africa Adventure with Intrepid__Ryan Bolton-3K5A2123
A woman stirs her homemade beer in Lesotho, Africa
Michel Chikwanine, ex Child Solider and Author
Lights + Apple iPhone x__Ryan Bolton-IMG_9737
LIGHTS. Shot on iPhone X in portrait mode.
Helena New_IMG_8700
Helena Grace. Toronto Studio.
Chris Studer Get Real Portrait
Portrait of Chris Studer, Founder of Get Real
Miles 5 Months__Ryan Bolton-3K5A6822
Miles. 6 Months.
Demi Lovato in Kenya by Ryan Bolton
Toronto Wedding Photography
Barn wedding. Toronto wedding. Professional wedding photography by Ryan Bolton.
Wolf Parade for Georgie Magazine__Ryan Bolton-3K5A2587
Wolf Parade at Horseshoe Tavern
Emily Dundas Peak_RyanBolton-3K5A3034
Dundas Peak at Sunset with Model
Leah Pollock + Chris DePaul
Lily Downtown Toronto__Ryan Bolton-3K5A0275
Lily Portrait in Brookfield Place Toronto
Morocco Berbers with Intrepid__RyanBolton-3K5A0216
Ryan Bolton Photography, Morocoo
Monica at the Bluffs_RyanBolton-3K5A0313
Monica Portrait at Scarborough Bluffs
Helena in Studio__Ryan Bolton-3K5A1006
Portraits In-Studio, Downtown Toronto
Caroline + Vince Wedding__Ryan Bolton-0H3A2914
Wedding Day at Palais Royale in Toronto
Miles 19 Months_Ryan Bolton_-3K5A2103
Miles James. 19 Months.
Lindsay + Alex Wedding__Ryan Bolton-3K5A1094
Wedding at Elora Mill Hotel and Spa, Elora
Lights + Apple iPhone x__Ryan Bolton-IMG_9679
Max Kerman of the Arkells. Shot on iPhone X in Portrait Mode
Rob Dyer. Ryan Bolton Photography
Wes + Lisa Wedding at Gladstone Hotel__Ryan Bolton-3K5A1640
Portrait of Lisa on her Wedding Day
Dom at Crows Nest Barber Toronto
Wes + Lisa Wedding at Gladstone Hotel__Ryan Bolton-3K5A1739
Gladstone Hotel Wedding Toronto
Emily Dundas Peak_RyanBolton-3K5A3095
Emily at Dundas Peak, Golden Hour.
Nick + Renna Portraits__Ryan Bolton-3K5A0153
Nick Reynoldson Comedian Portrait
Jon. Owner of Crows Nest.
Miles Portrait__Ryan Bolton-3K5A6996
Miles. 3 Months.
Intrepid Team Headshots__Ryan Bolton-3K5A0301
Intrepid Travel. Photo by Ryan Bolton
Kyana with Elite_RyanBolton-3K5A9528
Ryan Bolton Photography

Karen Model Portraits__Ryan Bolton-3K5A9284

Sophia + Peter__Ryan Bolton-3K5A5357
Toronto Wedding at Gladstone Hotel, 2018
Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam Adventure__Ryan Bolton-3K5A7975
A moment with a village elder in Cambodia
Lily Downtown Toronto__Ryan Bolton-3K5A0341
Lily Portrait Downtown Toronto
Morocco Berbers with Intrepid__RyanBolton-3K5A0247
Berber Nomad in Morocco
Lily Downtown Toronto__Ryan Bolton-3K5A0385
Lily Shot Downtown Toronto

Greg + Kiran Wedding__Ryan Bolton-3K5A3144

Daniel Woodrow Portraits Toronto__Ryan Bolton-3K5A3745-2
Headshot for Daniel Woodrow Toronto

Miles 5 Months__Ryan Bolton-3K5A6810Greg + Kiran Wedding__Ryan Bolton-3K5A2364

Emily in Chinatown__Ryan Bolton-3K5A1332
Summer glow with Em
Maasai Mama in Kenya with Me to We_RyanBolton-Demi in Kenya_Ryan Bolton-3K5A8704
Maasai Mama in Kenya with Me to We. Ryan Bolton Photo.
Arkells shot on iPhone X Portrait Mode - Ryan Bolton
Arkells shot on iPhone X Portrait Mode – Ryan Bolton
Intrepid Team Headshots__Ryan Bolton-3K5A0005
Intrepid Travel. Photo by Ryan Bolton
Nick + Renna Portraits__Ryan Bolton-3K5A0213
Nick Reynoldson Comedian Portrait
Demi in Kenya_RyanBolton-Demi in Kenya_Ryan Bolton-3K5A7939
Maasai Boy in Kenya
Karen Model Portraits__Ryan Bolton-3K5A8980
Model Photo Shoot Downtown Toronto
Emily in Chinatown__Ryan Bolton-3K5A1440
Portrait of Emily
Emily in Chinatown__Ryan Bolton-3K5A1433
Emily in Chinatown
Emily Dundas Peak_RyanBolton-3K5A3139
Ryan Bolton Photography
Miles 11 Months__Ryan Bolton-3K5A7715
The Quechua of Peru
Hank Welsh Terrier
Hank, My Welsh Terrier

Emily + Derek Wedding__Ryan Bolton-0H3A1431

Allie + Justin Wedding Kortright__Ryan Bolton-3K5A7175
Allie on her wedding day.

See more of my photography here.


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