Chris & Katlyn Get Married And It’s Freaking Wonderful

I was a part of a special day. Having had the opportunity to shoot a number of weddings (and be a part of my own), it's touching to be in the bridal party. One of my oldest pals—and truly, I recall when we ate lunch together in Grade 3, and his hair hasn't changed much—was married on … Continue reading Chris & Katlyn Get Married And It’s Freaking Wonderful

Eriksen Photoshoot

My buddy Erik Jorgensen can write one hell of a song. He's also got dreamy hair. And his band, Eriksen, have a slew of new gigs coming up. They asked me to grab some shots. So we wandered around Toronto chasing light, having a whiskey or two and snapping the following shots. Give this song … Continue reading Eriksen Photoshoot

Faces From Around the World

I've been blessed to meet people from around the world. China. Kenya. Mexico. All the hell over Canada. Cuba. Ghana. Ecuador. Here are some candid portraits I've taken of the people I've met on my travels. So far.

Cool Flower Toronto

Pretty Pictures of Pretty Petals

Alliteration is best. So are flowers for shooting subjects. Here are a collection of photos that I've shot this spring of, well, flowers. Real men photograph plants. Enjoy!

Fuck Yeah, It’s Spring

Spring is here. I'm calling it. Hell, the Cherry Blossoms are calling it. We went for a walk around Toronto yesterday to check out how spring is taking over. Here are a few snaps from what we saw. —RYAN BOLTON

Yes, Niagara Falls is Beautiful.

A Trip to Wine Country

A long weekend spent in Wine Country is ideal. Especially a long weekend in which the weather is turning from ice hell to a jubilation-inducing warmth. All of this is only heightened whilst in the centre of rows upon rows of grape fields. Here are a few shots from the wineries around Niagara-on-the-Lake and Niagara Falls … Continue reading A Trip to Wine Country