WayHome in Photos: Major Lazer, Arcade Fire, Haim and a Wedding Proposal

A year ago I got serious about music photography. I shot my first festival for Field Trip. I was hooked. And after shooting 4 festivals this year so far, I was asked to be a staff photographer for WayHome Festival, arguably Ontario's best music festival. A true honour. There's always a magic feeling at a good … Continue reading WayHome in Photos: Major Lazer, Arcade Fire, Haim and a Wedding Proposal

Old Montreal

Montreal, a Love Song

Kathryn and I are heading back to Montreal tomorrow. This time, as a mini-honeymoon. (Yes, photos to come of the wedding day). Here's an article I published in Chill magazine this summer, and only fitting for why we love Montreal so much. by RYAN BOLTON Oh, Montreal, you sweet and seductive vixen. You with your … Continue reading Montreal, a Love Song

Arcade Fire wins Polaris Prize. Duh.

I know everyone is somehow shocked yet not shocked that Arcade Fire won the 2011 Polaris Prize. How could such an indie prize that rests on artistic merit alone who is partial to the band with the shortest wiki entry, go to a musical behemoth like Arcade Fire? Well, simple, it was the best album … Continue reading Arcade Fire wins Polaris Prize. Duh.

Arcade Fire’s Toronto Island Show

by RYAN BOLTON Arcade Fire was a far cry from the suburbs last night. They were on an island. Toronto Island. As the band got ready to hit the stage, their third album, which has been as well received as it was anticipated, The Suburbs, became the number one selling album in North America. And … Continue reading Arcade Fire’s Toronto Island Show