Shooting Toronto’s Flatiron at Night

Cold as balls. Check. Late at night. Check. Lots of snow to make setting up a tripod a challenge. Check. Every time I drive pass Toronto's flatiron building—known as the Gooderham Building (1892), which is actually older than New York's flatiron—I want to jump out and grab a shot. Instead, I waited until it was -10 … Continue reading Shooting Toronto’s Flatiron at Night

Old Montreal

Montreal, a Love Song

Kathryn and I are heading back to Montreal tomorrow. This time, as a mini-honeymoon. (Yes, photos to come of the wedding day). Here's an article I published in Chill magazine this summer, and only fitting for why we love Montreal so much. by RYAN BOLTON Oh, Montreal, you sweet and seductive vixen. You with your … Continue reading Montreal, a Love Song

The Top 10 Coolest Workplaces. Maybe Ever.

A new piece just published in Chill magazine. If you’re reading this at work, it’s best you take a deep breath and maybe go for a walk. Otherwise, life might become temporarily frustrating. We present to you the coolest workplaces on Earth. (Seriously, you should probably leave your cubicle right now and find a place … Continue reading The Top 10 Coolest Workplaces. Maybe Ever.

Adventures in Detroit 11

More Detroit. More Downtrodden Beauty.

I never got around to fully editing all of my shots from our Detroit adventure. As such, here are some of the b-roll shots. In case you missed the first batch of photos and a little story about Detroit, please go here. Detroit is on the mend. At least that's what I'm telling myself. Such a … Continue reading More Detroit. More Downtrodden Beauty.

Police officer in Detroit

Detroit: There’s Beauty in Decay

He stands alone with a mammoth building looming behind him. There are puddles at his feet. The sky has a quickened pace with beams of sun breaking through, dancing on the building. His dark sunglasses, well-kept mustache and military-grade buzzcut are a part of the uniform. His nametag reads "J. Dubois" and he is the … Continue reading Detroit: There’s Beauty in Decay

Night Street Shot no. 10

Night Street Photography Session

I told myself if I was having trouble sleeping this past week, since it was so bloody hot out, I'd do some night photography. And sure enough, on Wednesday, I couldn't sleep. So I grabbed the tripod and camera and headed down to Toronto's Lake Shore to experiment with some night street photography. Not all … Continue reading Night Street Photography Session

PROJECT: CN Tower via Instagram Filters

Living in downtown Toronto comes with its perks, indeed. One of those advantages is having solid vantage points for shooting Toronto's iconic phallic symbol: the CN Tower. Over the past couple years, only using my iPhone and some Instagram filters, I have been taking various shots of the CN Tower, much to the chagrin of some of … Continue reading PROJECT: CN Tower via Instagram Filters

New York City via Instagram

A look at New York City through the lens of Instagram. As easy as that. Click on a photo to open in lightbox. Enjoy. To see more of my photos on the ever-so-addictive Instagram, go here.


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