Inside the Crows Nest: A Photo Essay

There's an undeniable bond between a man and his barber. It's part trust. Part appreciation. But my love for Crows Nest Barber Shop in Toronto runs a lot deeper. I've been profiling Toronto's best barbershops with blogTO for the past few years now. Crows Nest always stood out from the first time I met them in … Continue reading Inside the Crows Nest: A Photo Essay

Shooting the Shit at Nite Owl Barber Shop

This one was a pleasure. I first met Brian Hurson briefly when he was a barber at Crows Nest Barbershop. Like any good barber, he had this air about him. Passionate. Dedicated. Mustachioed. And, from what I heard, was damn skilled with a straight razor. Trained in Dublin at the prestigious Waldorf Barbershop, Brian recently … Continue reading Shooting the Shit at Nite Owl Barber Shop

Hastings Barber Shop 1

The Return of the Barbershop

Exactly two years ago I wrote a feature story for this very magazine about growing a beard. It highlighted the return of the beard with a-listers like Tom Hardy, that teddy bear Galifianakis and even pretty boy Ryan Gosling who were all rocking some fur on the cheeks. Now the beard is omnipresent. (Little known … Continue reading The Return of the Barbershop

Hastings Barber Shop 8

Once Upon a Time in a Barber Shop

Originally published photos and article on blogTO. Hastings Barber Shop has a small stack of '70s era Playboy magazines on the windowsill, and when you look up, the next thing you notice is two large taxidermied deer heads on the wall, flanking the turn-of-the-century wood and mirror barber back bar. Hastings Barber Shop is a cozy space, … Continue reading Once Upon a Time in a Barber Shop

Tattoo Shop Profiles

I have been working on a set of Toronto's top ink dens with blogTO. And it's been both an enlightening and enjoyable experience. Here's one of my latest pieces, looking at Sal's Tattoo & Barber Shop. by RYAN BOLTON, originally published on blogTO Sal's Tattoo & Barber Shop doesn't cut hair. They used to, a … Continue reading Tattoo Shop Profiles