Shooting the Shit at Nite Owl Barber Shop

This one was a pleasure. I first met Brian Hurson briefly when he was a barber at Crows Nest Barbershop. Like any good barber, he had this air about him. Passionate. Dedicated. Mustachioed. And, from what I heard, was damn skilled with a straight razor. Trained in Dublin at the prestigious Waldorf Barbershop, Brian recently … Continue reading Shooting the Shit at Nite Owl Barber Shop

Hastings Barber Shop 1

The Return of the Barbershop

Exactly two years ago I wrote a feature story for this very magazine about growing a beard. It highlighted the return of the beard with a-listers like Tom Hardy, that teddy bear Galifianakis and even pretty boy Ryan Gosling who were all rocking some fur on the cheeks. Now the beard is omnipresent. (Little known … Continue reading The Return of the Barbershop