Tattoos & Charm

by RYAN BOLTON Okey Doke Tattoo Shop is a good jog from Cabbagetown. When I get to the shop, located at College and Ossington, and gracefully dismount from my bike, I have a good layer of sweat covering my body. Doesn’t bother me, and doesn’t seem to phase Kyle Hollingdrake nor Alex Snelgrove, aka. Big … Continue reading Tattoos & Charm

Arcade Fire wins Polaris Prize. Duh.

I know everyone is somehow shocked yet not shocked that Arcade Fire won the 2011 Polaris Prize. How could such an indie prize that rests on artistic merit alone who is partial to the band with the shortest wiki entry, go to a musical behemoth like Arcade Fire? Well, simple, it was the best album … Continue reading Arcade Fire wins Polaris Prize. Duh.

Seeing The Decemberists in a snowstorm

by RYAN BOLTON, originally published on blogTO The Decemberists are an apt band to see when a snowstorm is looming. Everyone is giddy, excited for a snow day. Everyone has reason to sport a beard and their warmest flannel. And The Decemberists’ name itself brings forth images of that cold, fluffy stuff. It all started … Continue reading Seeing The Decemberists in a snowstorm

Tattoo Shop Profiles

I have been working on a set of Toronto's top ink dens with blogTO. And it's been both an enlightening and enjoyable experience. Here's one of my latest pieces, looking at Sal's Tattoo & Barber Shop. by RYAN BOLTON, originally published on blogTO Sal's Tattoo & Barber Shop doesn't cut hair. They used to, a … Continue reading Tattoo Shop Profiles

Arcade Fire’s Toronto Island Show

by RYAN BOLTON Arcade Fire was a far cry from the suburbs last night. They were on an island. Toronto Island. As the band got ready to hit the stage, their third album, which has been as well received as it was anticipated, The Suburbs, became the number one selling album in North America. And … Continue reading Arcade Fire’s Toronto Island Show