Spring in the City / Cherry Blossoms

Love this time of year. It's become a ritual to go and shoot the Cherry Blossoms, or Sakura, every Spring in High Park with the rest of the city. Mixed it up a little bit this year. Here's what I saw.

Fuck Yeah, It’s Spring

Spring is here. I'm calling it. Hell, the Cherry Blossoms are calling it. We went for a walk around Toronto yesterday to check out how spring is taking over. Here are a few snaps from what we saw. —RYAN BOLTON

Cherry Blossoms in High Park No. 9

The Cherry Blossoms

High Park's Cherry Blossoms are here. In full bloom. And so are the huge crowds to take them all in. Katie, Hank and I headed out today and took them in alongside the hordes of photogs. Beauty day. Beauty trees. Beauty all around. —RYAN BOLTON