Hastings Barber Shop 1

The Return of the Barbershop

Exactly two years ago I wrote a feature story for this very magazine about growing a beard. It highlighted the return of the beard with a-listers like Tom Hardy, that teddy bear Galifianakis and even pretty boy Ryan Gosling who were all rocking some fur on the cheeks. Now the beard is omnipresent. (Little known … Continue reading The Return of the Barbershop

The Women of Summer 2014

by RYAN BOLTON Ah, good ol’ summer movies. Doesn’t get much better than a solid summer action movie, does it? Wrong. Add in a solid dollop of red-hot actresses and then you have a top notch, take-my-$13-and-give-me-a-seat-as-close-to-the-screen-as-possible summer flick. And this summer’s offering is no exception. The major studios are pumping out films for every … Continue reading The Women of Summer 2014

Mars Trip

Let’s Go to Mars! (But Seriously)

The phrase “men are from Mars” might not be so far fetched any longer. Indeed, both men and women might be using a Mars area code by 2023. That is if you’re willing to book a one-way ticket, of course. Some 56.4 million kilometres. That’s the brief distance from Earth to Mars. With current day … Continue reading Let’s Go to Mars! (But Seriously)

5 Ways to Redefine Holiday Gift Giving

We all have a kind Aunt Patricia. We all have a curmudgeon boss we want to impress. Maybe an in-law that only likes golf—and scotch. Lots of scotch. And we all loathe that time of year when we have to find them the perfect Christmas gift. Year after year, we give Aunt Patricia a Virginia Woolf … Continue reading 5 Ways to Redefine Holiday Gift Giving

The Top 10 Coolest Workplaces. Maybe Ever.

A new piece just published in Chill magazine. If you’re reading this at work, it’s best you take a deep breath and maybe go for a walk. Otherwise, life might become temporarily frustrating. We present to you the coolest workplaces on Earth. (Seriously, you should probably leave your cubicle right now and find a place … Continue reading The Top 10 Coolest Workplaces. Maybe Ever.

Canadians and Beer: A Love Story

In light of Canada Day this weekend, my latest article with Chill magazine is centred on Canada's infatuation with beer, naturally.  by RYAN BOLTON Marc Garneau, Canada’s first astronaut in space, is a Canadian icon for copious reasons. First Canadian up in the dark, distant expanse. Current member of parliament. He’s honoured as Companion of … Continue reading Canadians and Beer: A Love Story

My Dad

In Defence of Dads

  Originally published in Chill Magazine. See the flipbook here, kids. by RYAN BOLTON When my Dad laughs, you laugh. Every. Damn. Time. As soon as his head goes back, his eyes close in bliss, and his whole body shakes. Pure schoolboy chuckling. And as soon as it happens, you’re screwed. You’re going to crack … Continue reading In Defence of Dads