Faces From Around the World

I've been blessed to meet people from around the world. China. Kenya. Mexico. All the hell over Canada. Cuba. Ghana. Ecuador. Here are some candid portraits I've taken of the people I've met on my travels. So far.

Instagram Shots from Around the World

Here are some shots that I've taken from trips all over, with a slight touch of Instagram, that addictive little weasel. Click to expand. See more here.

Laughing in China

The following is an article I published with Free The Children on my time building a school in rural China. By RYAN BOLTON Abing was 9 when they cracked her chest open. It was a necessary surgery that just about didn’t happen. Raised in rural China, in a small, agricultural village called Waer, Abing’s parents … Continue reading Laughing in China

Portraits of China

I just returned, er, 10 hours ago from rural China. I was there facilitating a trip with Me to We with a bunch of students from lovely British Columbia to do some school-building. Before I write a full length piece, I'll let some of my photography do the talking. It's easier on all of us, … Continue reading Portraits of China