The Great Shave

So, we, sadly, shaved off our lip sweaters. During this dire and deeply tragic time, we at work decided to film the horror. (We actually played The Beatles' "Oh Darling" during the taping. Method, you know.) Losing one's mo after tirelessly harvesting it for a full month is a tragic defeat. Thus, we have the … Continue reading The Great Shave

Jon Stewart, our arbiter

There's something behind Jon Stewart's boyish smile. And that shoulder-bouncing chuckle. It puts us at ease. To be able, night and night again, to dissect the absurdity of the mainstream, 24-hour news cycle and smile through it, well, most of the time anyway, relaxes us. It comforts us in a soothing, everything-is-going-to-be-ok way. (Like what … Continue reading Jon Stewart, our arbiter