Hank x Instagram

As I grow as a photographer, one of my favourite models grows. That's Hank. My Welsh Terrier. Here are some of my favourite shots of him over the past 4 years via Instagram.

Boat on the Water

The Weekend Up North

Some miscellaneous shots from the Thanksgiving weekend up in the Muskokas. Because, well, why not?

Hank in High Park

Hank, the model, decided it was a High Park kind of day. Katie and I obliged as good parents. He directed this little photo-op, as he wanted to showcase his "country boy roots" albeit he was raised in the city. Anyway, here's Hank in High Park.

Hank & I

I haven’t been able to write a lot lately because I’ve put myself into a sort of self-perpetuated writer’s block. I feel that I would be writer’s blocked if I’d attempt to write, so I don’t attempt. Odd and foolish? Agreed. So, I’ve decided to write about Hank, my dog. He’s cute. I can’t write. Why … Continue reading Hank & I

Pretty girl, toronto, high park

The High (Park) Life

With a sun-drenched weekend comes some time in the park, of course. Accordingly, we headed to High Park this weekend to chill out with some sassy geese. And sun. —RYAN BOLTON

New Lens. Old Models.

I got a new lens yesterday. I don't typically get new lenses—mainly for the fact that I'm hardly a photographer. Hence the words that you mainly see on this blog. Anyway, with a new lens comes some sample shots. And here they are. A hand for the somewhat acquiesced models, including Hank. —RYAN BOLTON

I’m Hank

I wanted you to meet my little boy, Hank. He's the size of a loaf of bread. And more cute than the word "ouchie." (He's also a lady killer, but we're trying to keep that on the downlow.) Anyway, he's a whopping 4-weeks-old and we'll get him for good in mid-June -- he needs to … Continue reading I’m Hank