Awesome Dog 3: Tucker.

Dogs are the Fucking Best

In light of today being National Dog Day (damn right it's a real thing), I present to you, the best fucking thing ever—lots of photos of dogs. Happy National Dog Day! (And yeah, I know, there's a lot more photos of Hank than anyone else. Chop it up as bias.) —RYAN BOLTON

The Holiday Snaps

Pretty self-explanatory. Handsome family/pets. A lovely holiday break. Some complementary photos. Open and close, Wilson. —RYAN BOLTON

Playing with the Boys

Just returned from a camping trip with my best friend to Grand Bend. To be succinct: I fucking love that place. Wicked beach town, a place we haven't been to for about 7 years. Anyway, we brought the dogs with us—Ollie and Tucker—and put our feet up. Here, a couple snaps in between sipping Havana … Continue reading Playing with the Boys